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Los Angeles University of California is one of the topmost university which offers in-demand distance learning and accredited programs from undergraduate to doctorate. Our professionally experienced faculty members, with their unique teaching style, deliver the best knowledge to students in their related educational fields.

Certificate Programs
  • Undergraduate Certificate
  • Undergraduate Course Certificate
  • Graduate Course Certificate
  • Graduate Certificate
Diploma Programs
  • Undergraduate Diploma
  • Graduate Diploma
Degree Programs

LAUC is offering world-class education through distance learning degree programs and globally recognized for its high-quality academics standards in numerous fields of study. Here, students gain hands-on learning experience and modern times academic facilities.

  • Associate Degree Programs
  • Undergraduate Degree Programs
  • Graduate Degree Programs
  • Doctorate Programs

What Makes LAUC Stand Out?

Study With Flexibility

Boundless opportunities to our diversified students in studies by providing the option to choose either full time, part-time, fast track, or executive degree programs

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Universal Networking

Connect.ion with multinational firms around the globe allows our students to work with our partners, to avail the opportunity of learning about the professional world & gain on-hand experience

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Professional Faculty

Our faculty team members specialized in their fields and have strong communication skills to communicate that how to give lectures online via video call and how to resolve their queries in one attempt.

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  • 25:1

    Student-to-faculty ratio

  • 32%

    Alumni Faculty

  • 20%

    Ph.D. Faculty

  • 55%

    Degree Programs

  • 30%

    Certificate Programs

  • 15%

    Diploma Programs

Our Accreditations