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Get your degree of Graduate Diploma at LAUC and develop the skills for doing professional researches

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Graduate Diploma

LAUC In the Graduate Diploma Program at the LAUC, the students have the option to choose from a wide range of subjects. A graduate diploma program gives our students the right path to their career fulfillment. As the graduate diploma program is online, the learners can continue their education with their work or personal responsibilities. Online graduate diploma program at online universities, like the LAUC, allows its students to complete their coursework and academics around their daily schedule. The flexibility of time and routine attracts working students as it helps them balance school with professional and personal responsibilities.

Graduate Diploma

Comprehensive Graduate Diploma are inclusive of advanced thesis projects which are enabling students to avail the chance to become competent leaders in business with scientific intelligence..

  • 5 Courses
  • Bachelor"s degree, or equiv. International Education
  • 30 Total Credit Hours
  • 6 Months (Self-Paced) Program
  • $6,450 Total Program Fee

Make Your Future Brighter With An Internationally Accredited University

Brightening your future faster than ever and helping you to become a competent leader of the respective field of interest. With international accreditation, our students are preferred by multinationals worldwide.

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Aiming to educate students who carry extraordinary talent with themselves but out of money. LAUC offers financial aid programs in different categories for diversified students in order to achieve their educational and professional goals together.


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Experience a hassle-free credit transfer facility at LAUC for exemption of your courses so that you can earn a degree in no time and cherish the lifestyle you dream of by becoming successful in your career. Just follow the simple steps to convert your life working experience into a credit transfer.

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