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Providing scholarships to deserving students through our financial aid programs

Providing students affordable education through financial aid program to bring improvement in their lives
Financial Aid Programs Of Los Angeles University of California

We make sure superior-quality education in our offered programs all around the globe. Los Angeles University of California provides financial aid programs to its students to climb up their career ladder faster. Educational expenses are being paid by our partner employers, various educational agencies, NGO’s or by the university itself.

Types Of Financial Aid Programs At LAUC


LAUC contributes to the research work of high-quality students in order to motivate their efforts and has a separate aid program designed for research

High Achiever

For students who hold an extraordinary and outstanding previous academic record, LAUC provides them financial aid to make their educational dream come true


In the financial aid program, the veteran has a separate contribution. We motivate them to pursue their career in their field of interest and gain maximum knowledge for the future job market.

Community & Military Service

LAUC offers tuition assistance to the military service and the people who performed their duty for their country even if they are retired.


We understand the situation minorities go through and not able to pay for their education due to financial crisis. LAUC provides financial aid program to the passionate minorities


Are you an athlete with brains? LAUC allows an opportunity to the athletics to score a goal in the educational field as well by providing them financial aid programs


At LAUC, women get financial aid to pursue their education after completing formal education so they can help in a household to contribute from their side and bring good financial change in their lives


Students who are creative in their manner and can modify the world from their contribution. They have an opportunity to avail LAUC’s financial aid program

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Students with Disabilities

Disability is not limited to the brain. LAUC gives aid to the disabled students to get acknowledge from the current world and its happenings in order to pursue a career in their field of interest

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Eligibility Criteria Of The Aid Program For Suitable Students

Los Angeles University of California strives to serve its services to the students who deserve it the most regardless of their culture, ethnicity and background. It offers financial id programs to each of its students for achieving their educational goals and in order to do that, LAUC set a simple eligibility criterion that follows every student who applies for the financial aid program. In this criterion, the most important feature is their former record of education. If a student doesn’t hold an impressive background in education and other academic-related activities, that student won’t able to cherish the opportunity of getting financial aid at LAUC.

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Bachelor's in Business Administration


Bachelor's in Health Sciences


Bachelor's in Engineering


Master's in Social Sciences


Master's in Occupational Safety and Fire Sciences


Doctorate in Education

Financial Aid Facts


of total financial aid programs offered under the military aid programs


Students receive a financial aid program while studying at LAUC

3.5 M

financial aid program fund allocated to research students


LAUC faculty recognized in the list of most competent teachers

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