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Principles of diversity give a hand to international
students at LAUC

LAUC’s value and recognition have been improved ever since it started taking various perspectives from the people of a range of ethnic, national and religious backgrounds and it promised to continue to do so.

International Student Services

Aiming to be the best distance learning university of all by developing confidence and ambition in our students to reach their maximum potential. LAUC is providing extraordinary services to international students for keeping them motivated towards education and helping them to reach their destination faster.

Online Study

Want to study while managing work life and family time together? At LAUC, all you need is an internet connection and a laptop or computer to attend lectures. We assure you that you will get a satisfactory experience in an online study because there is no deadline for submission of assignments and no certain timings for taking lectures.


LAUC hosts several events for international students where you can ask numerous questions from our international faculty members and international alumni about their life at LAUC, quality of education, programs of scholarship and why we ranked top in delivering satisfaction to students


A separate scholarship program has been designed to motivate international students to pursue their academic goals and accomplished professional goals together. You do not need to get worried if you are a working adult, this scholarship program is also for international working adults. So, Kick start your career by clicking the button below right away.


Inclusivity at its best:
many cultures, one place

International Alumni Success Stories

LAUC Took Ray Mahaffey Journey To Ph.D.

Being born at deaf parents’ house with all normal 5 senses is quite difficult for a person to cope up life with. Ray Mahaffey is one of the brilliant students of Los Angeles University of California, he came for a bachelor’s...

Students Find a Home at Los Angeles University of California

The majority of people think if you live in Brazil you live a luxurious life with having all the fun a person demands in his/her life, but the real picture isn’t like this. Though Brazil is a place which most people prefer...

Starting A Career With 700 Dollars In The Pocket

Romeo Lucchese had 700 dollars left in his pocket when he got fired. At that time he was completing his bachelor’s degree in environmental sciences and was working as a bar attendant. A 55 years old man who almost lived more than half of his....

English enhancement courses

LAUC offers English language enhancement courses to international students. We understand that you never get a chance to follow and learn the English language properly and it becomes a barrier when it comes to education. We are here to help and we will provide courses for English improvement so that you can easily communicate and understand the course material easily. LAUC aims to educate students not with just bookish concept but also gives a chance to gain hands-on experience while studying at LAUC because in the current job market people who hold just a degree with theoretical concept do not get job or success without having practical experience or advanced skills in their relatable fields. We ensure that every student after graduation get a job sooner and get a satisfactory experience.

Equity & Inclusion

Majority of people find it hard to continue their education after making a commitment to their jobs and due to the bad economy they make it a priority on almost everything including their

Services for
Intl studnets

Majority of people find it hard to continue their education after making a commitment to their jobs and due to the bad economy they make it a priority on almost everything including their


From where can I start?

Start right where you left your studies with our flexible and affordable study programs. If you are ready to enroll at LAUC, then give us a call on our toll-free number to seek help from our enrollment advisor or click here for more information.

What degree programs are offered at LAUC?

LAUC offers undergraduate, masters and doctorate programs along with non-degree programs in 16 different areas of study with the option of major of your choice. Click here to see more academic information about LAUC.

Does LAUC offer scholarships?

LAUC offers multiple financial aid programs through which students can complete their education without worrying about the fee. Different scholarship programs are being offered to cater to different deserving candidates based on their educational and non-academic performance.

Will I be able to study with my job?

We understand the intensity of pressure one deals with on his/her job. LAUC offers flexibility to working adults with the option of self-paced learning.

What will be the right degree for me?

LAUC provides counseling services to its students so that they can decide on which program to opt for based on their educational background or professional experience.

Can I reduce my fee by earned credit through prior learning?

Students can reduce half of their courses, study time and tuition cost by earning credit from their previous study experience.

I have some work experience related to my degree. Will it count and reduce my courses?

Yes, if a student has taken trainings from outside of a traditional university related to their degree programs, it will be counted equivalent to the relevant study program.z

How will I study online and what essentials are required to attend class?

All you need is an internet connection and a pc or laptop to attend your classes. Pre-recorded lectures won’t bound you to take classes at a certain time. If you have any queries related to the subject you can ask for help in the classroom chatbox.

How do you ensure the quality of online courses?

LAUC professional faculty members took professional training for online teaching while answering the queries of each of their students. LAUC is known as the topmost distance learning university due to its quality in online education.

How much time will it take to complete my degree?

Our study programs are self-paced and you can complete your program as If you have visited a college or university previously then you can transfer your credits and can complete your degree faster.

How much a degree will cost me?

It totally depends on what programs you choose for completing your education. If you have a good previous record of academics then you don’t need to worry about tuition fees because LAUC provides financial aid programs to those students who deserve them the most.

Is it difficult to manage studies with a job?

No, here at LAUC students are free to take lectures whenever and wherever they want with no restrictions. By studying here you can manage your time for job, family and education altogether.

Will I get a job after completing my study program at LAUC?

LAUC arranges job fairs for its students and invites employers from various fields to select the right candidate from our university. Students are advised to visit the student resource center for updates on such events.

Do alumni have connections with employers?

Our alumni are working with multinationals around the globe and have established strong connections with their employers. This has helped our university to make strong connections with them.

Is there a credit transfer facility available at LAUC?

LAUC offers a very flexible and hassle-free credit transfer facility to its students so that they can speed up their education and get a degree faster. Applicants who have credits relevant to their degree program can transfer their credit hours in order to eliminate courses from their program.

Does LAUC accept credit transfer through Coursera?

Yes, we do accept credit transfer through Coursera but it has to meet all of the conditions of LAUC credit transfer’s criteria.

Do military courses count for transfer credit?

Military earned credit can be transferred at LAUC but the course must have been taken from an accredited college or university.