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The majority of people think if you live in Brazil you live a luxurious life with having all the fun a person demands in his/her life, but the real picture isn’t like this. Brazil is a place that most people prefer to visit on their vacations and think residents lead their lives with all luxuries and education.

If you also think like this then you are wrong because in Brazil there are not enough resources for educating people and the government is not taking this matter seriously. After completing my secondary education, I wanted to pursue higher education but I was unable to move to another country and therefore it left me with one choice that was online learning.

With school time, I had a friend who also wanted to go ahead in her career through achieving educational goals. Somehow, she got to know about Los Angeles University of California which was offering their programs with very affordable tuition fees.

Finally, we took a step and applied for a bachelors’ program in the social sciences and started taking lectures. At first, we were bothering about the faculty teaching methods and the quality of education but after a few classes we were seeing growth in our personalities and the knowledge faculty is delivering to their students is truly remarkable. Whenever we needed assistance in course registration or were required to get solve our query related to studies, their adviser and faculty were always available to resolve our issue. LAUC’s unique management system never let us feel that we are getting educated through an online university.

Although LAUC is a distance learning university that enriched our minds with the most advanced skills and polished our talents with the help of their practical experience in the professional field. After completing our bachelor’s degree, we both got the job as a social worker and social and human services assistants in a reputable company and providing our services. I Jennifer Sam am proud to say that Los Angeles University of California is just like our home where doors for help are always open.