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Staying Vigilant About COVID-19

2020 has been hard on us due to Covid 19 and we as responsible citizen should remain cautious and vigilant during this time

Exclusive Covid 19 Financial Aid Assistance

LAUC’s Financial Aid Services has introduced exclusive Covid 19 scholarship program for deserving students. The Financial Aid Committee will review the change in your family’s income top determine whether you are eligible for Exclusive Covid 19 Financial Aid assistance. So, if you think you are eligible, you can instantly start the process by sending in your case at our email: info@losangeles.university.


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Explore other Financial Aid Programs at LAUC

Maintaining superiority in education and aiming to deliver equally among all students. For those who cannot afford higher education, LAUC offers multiple financial aid programs with diversity according to your fit.

  • Students with Disabilities
  • Research
  • High Achievers
  • Veterans
  • Minorities
  • Athletic
  • Women
  • Community & Military Service
  • Creative
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