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LAUC Credit Transfer Program

You can complete your degree in lesser time by taking advantage of LAUC’s Credit Transfer Program. This helps you continue your education program in a more flexible and affordable manner.

Our credit transfer program helps you to transfer up to 45% of the total program courses. To transfer credits, you have to submit the transcripts of already studied courses while fulfilling admission formalities. After proper evaluation of your transcripts, your credit hours are successfully transferred, which means you neither have to apply for those courses nor study them again. This way, you can complete your program in record time and also get a substantial reduction in their tuition fee.

Get Your Credits Accepted Right Away!

If you wish to transfer your credits to LAUC from another university, please contact our admission representative to receive a transfer evaluation and learn about the credit transfer facility. We will review your transcript and, if possible, increase your transferred credit hours.

Transferable Units through the
LAUC International Program

A student may also apply units earned through the LAUC International Programs that meet the criteria outlined in the lower-division and upper-division transfer requirements in this chapter. If a student also wishes to apply transfer credits to their degree, the total of the transfer and International Program units may not exceed one-half of those required for the degree.

In case an alumni or a recent graduate considers to earn a credential from any state listed university in order to bring more value to his portfolio or resume, the university allows a hassle free process for credit transfer and equivalence through credit by credit and course by course methodology. At LAUC we aim to provide the best opportunities to our students for them to acquire an enviable career where they may utilize the knowledge that they have acquired through our experienced faculty which may prove to be an appreciating asset for lifetime.

Transfer of University-level
Work from Outside the U.S.

Transfer students with university-level work earned outside the U.S. will be accepted if the overall grade point average of that work is equivalent to the stated minimum grade point average requirements for admission. Transfer credit for university-level course work earned outside of the U.S. will be awarded after a course-by-course evaluation by the International Admissions Office.

In case an applicant wants to study traditionally on campus, we allow them to re-register from being an online student to being an on campus one by fulfilling small formalities and paperwork. The university invites them to study in the United States of America and support them to fulfill their dreams, also if someone has completed their education through the distance learning medium and has few practical assignments due to the majors/courses, therefore an invitation is provided to visit the USA in order to complete practical hours.

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Portal Access

Once the process has been done for admission, students will be provided with their individual portal where they can take lectures and start their journey towards success. Moreover, alumni and faculty members will be provided with their separate portals.

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