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Altered scholarship program merely made and designed for international students

Pursue your education with the peace of mind with our financial aid program for deserving students
International Scholarships

Here at LAUC, a separate scholarship program has been designed to motivate international students to pursue their academic goals and accomplished professional goals together. You do not need to get worried if you are a working adult, this scholarship program is also for international working adults. So, Kick start your career by clicking the button below right away.

Federal Financial Aid

The Federal Financial Aid Plan is available to students who are interested in applying for federal grants, federal loans or both to pay for tuition in an eligible degree or certificate program.

A list of federal financial aid programs is available from the U.S. Department of Education Student Aid website, listed under Types of Aid. To begin the federal financial aid process, you must register yourself by paying the registration fee for Federal Student Scholarship.

Types Of Scholarship Programs

  • Research
  • High Achiever
  • Veteran
  • Students with Disabilities
  • Minorities
  • Athletic
  • Women
  • Creative
  • Community & Military Service

Financial Aid Facts


of total financial aid programs offered under the military aid programs


Students receive a financial aid program while studying at LAUC

3.5 M

financial aid program fund allocated to research students


LAUC faculty recognized in the list of most competent teachers

Funding Distribution

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