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600+ Employers Connections With Los Angeles University of California

Welcome to Los Angeles University of California where we appreciate each of our student’s talent and support them in every way. As LAUC provides quality education through its professional faculty members, our formal students find themselves competent among others in the job market. They stand out as different and effective among others. We have built a community where alumni can support LAUC’s students to find them a reliable job. Alumni bring their employer companies into each career fair in order to raise the name of LAUC in the market as a whole.

Each student of ours making LAUC proud and have achieved a peak level of their career or already in a progressive way for achieving it after receiving the quality education from our professional faculty members who always taught them new required skills in a job market and enlighten their mind from their past experience in a field which helped students to grow faster.

International Alumni Success Stories

LAUC Took Ray Mahaffey Journey To Ph.D.

Being born at deaf parents’ house with all normal 5 senses is quite difficult for a person to cope up life with. Ray Mahaffey is one of the brilliant students of Los Angeles University of California, he came for a bachelor’s...

Students Find a Home at Los Angeles University of California

The majority of people think if you live in Brazil you live a luxurious life with having all the fun a person demands in his/her life, but the real picture isn’t like this. Though Brazil is a place which most people prefer...

Starting A Career With 700 Dollars In The Pocket

Romeo Lucchese had 700 dollars left in his pocket when he got fired. At that time he was completing his bachelor’s degree in environmental sciences and was working as a bar attendant. A 55 years old man who almost lived more than half of his....

Student Resource Center

An improved learning environment with the latest knowledge, creative and innovative skills preparing students to become leaders among all. To follow that, LAUC is not risking student's careers at any cost and built a student support center for students to get in touched with their respective course’s faculty members 24/7 in case of emergencies and queries.

Our Financial Support

LAUC aims to support education at all levels and for that, we are providing over $600+ million annually including scholarships and grants. Students are not required to repay after their graduation. Explore various funding options and start your journey with us.

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LAUC has an international reputation for its research work and continuously discovering specialized areas that need to be exposed to get the problem solved. Believing that every student carries different and unique talents with themselves, LAUC motivates these extraordinary students for their research work and provides funds too so that they serve the community for the better.