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Romeo Lucchese had 700 dollars left in his pocket when he got fired. At that time, he was completing his bachelor’s degree in natural sciences and was working as a bar attendant. A 55 years old man who almost lived more than half of his life is unemployed and got no professional experience and the employer required skills to get hired in the current job market.

He submitted an application form to LAUC’s administration for granting a scholarship. By seeing his previous grades and the performance in the educational field, LAUC offered him a scholarship for the entire time in completion of his bachelor’s degree.

In the time of unemployment, no one was offering him a job that he deserved due to his age. So, he stopped applying at unworthy places and discussed his situation with the faculty members at LAUC. As the faculty is specialized in their respective field, they suggested him to take an initiative to start his small business. All he had 700 Dollars in his pocket before taking this risk. However, the faculty members successfully arranged some investment for him from multiple sources.

As an international student, Romeo faced many obstacles in owning a place for running a business eventually he decided to open a small shop in his own house. Romeo always had the talent to cook good food and he pursued this skill in running his business.

His business got a huge success in no time and prior to the completion of his bachelor’s degree, he got capable to buy a small café to run his business. During his graduation in natural sciences, he used to opt for majors to not harm the environment of the earth and run a sustainable clean business. From the story of Romeo Lucchese, we learned a lesson, if you know the depth of the field you want to pursue a career in and have strong support, you can use the potential to pursue a successful career no matter what your age is.