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Paying personal attention and support for making each step successful towards your educational journey

LAUC’s academic counselors are available for your service and
assistance to guide you in achieving your educational goals

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LAUC is improving their learning environment for academic programs with the help of their professional faculty members and their teaching styles so the students can get up-to-date knowledge related to their field and learn the most required skills which are highly demandable in the job market.

Furthermore, students can also get in touch with their counselor through our 24/7 helpline service for any kind of query. This service is available to our students and alumni too.

Why Choose Los Angeles University of California?


At LAUC, counselors convey their strategic techniques and knowledge to students that how to manage their studies while keeping family time and work-life parallel. Students also find help in suicidal thoughts, crises support and well-being service.

Promoting Diverse

LAUC believes in promoting people who come from diverse backgrounds and providing assistance to them including a learning environment. You will find more than 2500 students who belong to diverse background including disable people and find them acing their career in the field of their interest

Support 24/7

According to the survey, 91% of our students and alumni are satisfied with LAUC and our online support system played a vital role in it. Through 24/7 helpline support students and alumni can contact us or their counselor anytime they want for their different queries


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Satisfied Alumni

Are you the first ones who joined the university or do not know how to manage work-life with studies while keeping your family close?

Then don’t worry, we understand these kinds of challenges a student can face that’s why at LAUC counselors are always available for guiding you in these matters. All you need is to make an appointment online through our 24/7 helpline service and your query will be resolved as soon as possible. We take every possible step to resolve your queries make your educational journey simple.

Melanie R. Juarez

After my graduation when I first stepped into the market with an average 3.5 CGPA, most often interviewers were not able to recognize LAUC name. But after my hiring in a corporate agency, when they saw my constant and dedicated hard work and commitment to the job, they started to prefer LAUC graduates over other recognized universities..

Phillip Pierson

Studying while doing two jobs at a time for supporting a household is not that easy as it seems but LAUC made it easy for me. For receiving education, I was doing a second job so that I can save some money for my education but after getting enrolled at Los Angeles University of California I no longer needed to make myself tired. I got an aid program with no payback of the money and now I am an alumnus who contributing to education for other education.

Melissa Cooper

Speaking of the supporting environment of LAUC their faculty is highly professional and motivating when it comes to education or starting a new startup. All I wanted the initiative of the faculty but they went through every mistake in my startup and make it correct. LAUC indeed has a professional faculty.