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The curriculum of degree programs are being designed keeping
in focus the future job market challenges
Degree Programs At LAUC

LAUC is internationally recognized for its high standards in academics and is internationally accredited from regional and intrenational accreditation bodies. It completely follows international standards in education and strives to provide the best education.

We allow students to explore different fields of their interest and guide them towards their career goals and help them to discover new pathways that are still untapped due to less awareness and acknowledgment. Faculty plays a vital role in making the educational journey successful.

Offered Degree Programs

Associate’s Degree Program

Associate degree programs of LAUC are being designed in accommodation with faculty and board of directors to make that each course of program delivers a relevant field of study. Our program courses deliver an education that is totally in accordance with the current job market so when the time comes for graduation, students already reach the maximum success and learned skills that every successful employer demands.

  • Associate of Arts Degree
  • Associate Degree (any professional school)
Ph.D. Degree Program

LAUC Ph.D. degree programs offered exceptional quality in their field of study and due to internationally accreditation, our Ph.D. programs are designed keeping international educational standards in mind that why our Ph.D. degree programs are being recognized by international accreditation councils and get preferred by recruiters because of acceptance of programs.

  • Doctorate Degree (Research)
  • Doctorate Degree (Applied)
Bachelor’s Degree Program

The mission of bachelor’s degree programs of LAUC is to meet high standards of quality in education and make each student capable for the current job market. These programs are internationally accredited and recognized not just by educational councils but also by big-name companies and recruiters.

  • Bachelor's Degree Program
  • Associate-to-Bachelor's Degree
Master’s Degree Program

Master’s Degree Programs of LAUC are being planned by highly qualified and extraordinary faculty members. It has been focused that each program delivers relevant knowledge to students related to their field of study so that no student can be left behind. Being an internationally accredited university has been beneficial for students and alumni of LAUC because students have already have reached the maximum amount of knowledge which has been following in big companies and already learned required skills of the current market in courses of degree programs.

Transfer Students

Take advantage of our credit transfer policy, to earn your degree faster and achieve your goals faster than ever.


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Contribution Fund

LAUC made a separate contribution fund where current students and alumni can contribute from their side as much as they want for helping other students to attain their educational goals for bringing betterment in their lives.

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Aid Programs

We pay a tribute to the military who serves their services to the country and saving it from enemies. Especially for them, Los Angeles University of California offers military aid programs to the students who belong to the military in order to keep them motivated.

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Program Aid

LAUC not just provides assistance in research work but also provide research aid to those students researches which can bring improvement in the society through their research work by resolving the problems.

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Admission - LAUC

  • 1

    In order to take admission at LAUC, all you need is to fill out a form which includes basic information about your name, last education, and current job along with income details.

  • 2

    After filling out the form you need to go for further step and select the educational program you are most interested in and review your financial details too. LAUC provides financial aid programs to its deserving students.

  • 3

    Students will be provided with the relevant bank account number to make a secure payment. Those who are part of the financial aid program can discuss the criteria of payment with their counselor.

  • 4
    Admission Confirmation

    After the completion of form submission to fee payment, you will receive an email from LAUC which will be including details of program commencement and other details related to your applied educational program.

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Melanie R. Juarez

After my graduation when I first stepped into the market with an average 3.5 CGPA, most often interviewers were not able to recognize LAUC name. But after my hiring in a corporate agency, when they saw my constant and dedicated hard work and commitment to the job, they started to prefer LAUC graduates over other recognized universities..

Phillip Pierson

Studying while doing two jobs at a time for supporting a household is not that easy as it seems but LAUC made it easy for me. For receiving education, I was doing a second job so that I can save some money for my education but after getting enrolled at Los Angeles University of California I no longer needed to make myself tired. I got an aid program with no payback of the money and now I am an alumnus who contributing to education for other education.

Melissa Cooper

Speaking of the supporting environment of LAUC their faculty is highly professional and motivating when it comes to education or starting a new startup. All I wanted the initiative of the faculty but they went through every mistake in my startup and make it correct. LAUC indeed has a professional faculty.